Sources of Funding

Grants and Research Projects

The work of our various research groups depends on the substantial and generous core grant funding provided by Cancer Research UK. This strong support from Cancer Research UK has allowed us to develop an inter-disciplinary research environment where our groups work in synergy, supported by outstanding facilities. 

We are also grateful to a number of other organisations that provide funding to our scientists, usually supporting projects in a particular sphere of special interest, or supporting the careers of talented young scientists, enabling them to pursue their research interests within our laboratories. The additional funding provided by these organisations makes possible much work that we otherwise could not be undertaking and has become integral and indispensable to our operations.


We are extremely generously supported by Cancer Research UK and so do not purposefully solicit contributions to our work directly from the general public. Rather, we work with the charity to help their efforts in fundraising on our behalf. We are, however, extremely fortunate that many local people and organisations give generously of their time and effort to raise funds to support us. 

We are also often in the minds of those who are suffering cancer, or who have lost loved ones to this disease. To those who give time and effort to raise funds on our behalf and to those who thoughtfully regard us as suitable beneficiaries of their generosity, thank you.