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Cancer cells are metabolically reprogrammed to provide the energy and biomass required to proliferate. The resulting metabolic phenotype is driven by genetic mutations and a nutrient-deprived microenvironment. Differing mutations and substrate availability create a dynamic and metabolically heterogeneous tumour. This heterogeneity drives tumour recurrence, metastasis and drug resistance leading to a poor clinical outcome for cancer patients.

Molecular imaging can non-invasively measure the spatial and temporal dynamics of cancer metabolism. Research in our group uses state-of-the art PET/MR imaging, metabolomics and genomics to understand the drivers and consequences of metabolic heterogeneity in living tumours. The goal of this research is to develop methods to non-invasively classify tumours and to direct cancer treatment.

Radionuclide imaging of lung tumour development (place cursor over image to play video):

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Young Investigator of the Year Award Finalist (World Molecular Imaging Congress, New York), 2016

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