Flow Cytometry

The service consists of 3 cell analysers and 2 cell sorters:

Cell Analysers

BD Fortessa – 5 laser, 20 parameter instrument utilised for simple to complex analysis of cell populations. Excellent for analysing the range of Brilliant Violet dyes with 6 being detected from the 405 laser.

Thermo Fisher Attune Nxt – 4 laser, 16 parameter instrument. Due to it’s unique Acoustic Focussing system it can analyse large volume samples quickly without loss of resolution. This instrument also has an Autosampler attached to it which allows the analysis of cells on 96 and 384 well plates.

BD Facsverse – 3 laser , 10 parameter machine used for the analysis of cell populations.

Cell Sorters

BD FacsAria III – 4 laser, 18 parameter instrument used to sort up to 4 distinct live cell populations into collection tubes or plates to allow these cells to be used for further experiments.

BD Fusion Sorter – 3 laser, 13 parameter instrument which is housed in a Class II containment hood which allows for the safe sorting of 4 distinct live populations of Category II cells (human and virus transfected) into collection tubes or plates for further analysis.

Please contact Tom Gilbey for information of the flow cytometry equipment and analysis software.