Scientific Officers

Scientific officers form the backbone of our research efforts at the Institute and a career as a scientific officer here is rewarding as well as challenging. First and foremost, scientific officers are expected to be skilled in laboratory techniques and procedures, in some cases very specific ones. They also require excellent communication skills in order to deliver advice, guidance and occasionally training to fellow lab members and to effectively administer the lab on behalf of the group leader or service head. More senior scientific officers will also be given the opportunity to become involved in or lead research/development projects on behalf of their group.

At most levels a relevant degree (or equivalent) and experience is required, although this will depend on the nature of the role. In total, we offer four grades, ranging from Scientific Officer 1 to Principal Scientific Officer. We typically only consider applicants for scientific officer roles when a vacancy arises.


Metastasis & Circadian Rhythm group

Salary:  from £28,344 to £45,357 based on qualifications and experience.

Exploiting pyrimidine metabolism as a cancer prevention and intervention strategy

Salary: From £28,344 to £45,357 based on qualification and experience

Contract term: Fixed for 18 months

Salary Range: from £28,344 to £45,357 (Depending on qualifications and experience)

Contract term: Permanent

Salary: From £23,342 to £36,263 based on qualification and experience.

 Contract term: Fixed until July 2025

Project title: Epithelial signal relay upon injury and tumour initiation

Salary Range: from £28,344 to £45,357 (Depending on qualifications and experience)

Contract term: 12 months with a possibility for up to a 12 month extension