Group Leaders

The CRUK Scotland Institute is one of Europe's leading cancer research centres, situated in Glasgow and hosting approximately 250 talented researchers at various career stages, including several Junior Group Leaders. We are renowned for our world-class in vivo modelling of tumour growth and metastasis and have an excellent reputation for cutting-edge fundamental and translational research in our three key strategic areas: biology of early disease; energetic stress / cancer metabolism; and microenvironment / metastasis. As well as generous core funding from Cancer Research UK, the Institute receives an additional third of its total income from external grants and industry collaborations. We pride ourselves on our highly collaborative research environment fostered by our outstanding state of the art advanced imaging, proteomic, metabolomic and spatial profiling technologies and expertise.

The School of Cancer Sciences is closely allied with the CRUK Scotland Institute and supported by numerous external grants and our Cancer Research UK Scotland Cancer Centre The main site is the Wolfson-Wohl Translational Cancer Research Centre, which houses clinical, translational and basic scientists involved in precision oncology.

Our overarching research ethos is about excellence, honesty, openness, accountability and integrity. The diversity of our staff and students is also what makes the Institute such a vibrant place to work and advance discoveries in cancer research. Family friendly policies, our collaborative ethos, a focus on good mental health and well-being and opportunities for all help to create an enjoyable and inclusive workplace where your voice matters.

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