Prof Hing Leung - Prostate Cancer Biology


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Prostate cancer is a major global health issue, and its management remains controversial. A refined understanding of how aberrant signalling drives prostate carcinogenesis will help develop better prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets. FGF receptor and ERK5 in particular have been implicated in prostate cancer.

Work in our lab continues to explore the significance of these signalling pathways, to investigate tumour biology using in vitro and in vivo models and to develop specific small molecule inhibitors. Working closely with colleagues in the NHS, Glasgow University and the CRUK Scotland Institute, we are developing infrastructure required for the necessary biorespository and other ongoing translational research programmes.

Potential Postdocs, Clinical Fellows and Students

We are always keen to hear from good people. Please email me ( with a copy of your CV including the details of two referees.