Prof Crispin Miller - Computational Biology


Miller head 071

The Computational Biology group is focused on using data-driven approaches from machine learning to develop a better understanding of the processes that underpin tumour growth and development. We are a highly interdisciplinary group that integrates computer science, mathematics, bench- and clinical science.

A major aspect of our work is the use of cancer ‘omics data generated by large-scale tumour sequencing projects. These datasets are large enough to use machine learning algorithms that seek to correlate patterns with phenotype. This is allowing us to explore aspects of tumour evolution, and to ask how the regulatory systems that control gene expression are perturbed in tumour cells.

Our group is particularly interested in the regulatory pathways that act downstream of transcription, including the processes that govern how alternative splicing is coordinated across different pathways. Other projects in the group focus on uncovering novel regulatory sequences within the genome, and in making use of comparative genomics to help interpret the genome rearrangements that occur in tumour cells.

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