Case Studies

The CRUK Scotland Institute is highly collaborative and focuses on making discoveries that increase our understanding of cancer as a systemic disease. Our vision is the development and integration of key advanced technologies to tackle important questions in cancer biology with the goal of preventing and treating the disease. By understanding the fundamental mechanisms that drive cancer, both at early and late stages of the disease, we hope to uncover new preventative and therapeutic approaches. Each of these case studies describes work done here at the Beatson over the last five years, since 2017, towards this vision. They highlight our collaborative ethos, key research themes and some of our most significant outputs.

Case Study 1: Understanding the biology of early disease in an array of human malignancies


Case Study 2: Understanding metabolic vulnerabilities in vivo


Case Study 3: Targeting translational control for cancer therapy


Case Study 4: Membrane trafficking – a key player in metastasis


Case Study 5: Understanding how metabolism influences tumour invasiveness and the microenvironment


Case Study 6: Reprogramming neutrophils to suppress metastasis and enable immunotherapy