Fellows & Alumni

Academic clinicians with unique skill sets

The recruitment process for the 2021/22 TRACC Programme is now complete. These are our current cohorts of MB-PhD students and CRTFs:

MB-PhD students

  • Ryan Devlin - Understanding systemic myeloid skewing in cancer (with Dr Ed Roberts, CRUK Beatson Institute, Glasgow)
  • Tian En Lim - Screening for and testing druggable pathways promoting immunogenic interferon responses (with Dr Simon Wilkinson, University of Edinburgh)
  • Lorna Stillie - Characterisation and targeting of mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway upregulated high grade serous ovarian cancer (with Prof Charlie Gourley, University of Edinburgh)
  • Mairi Treanor Taylor - Identifying drivers and therapeutic vulnerabilities of metastatic cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (with Prof Gareth Inman, CRUK Beatson Institute, Glasgow)
  • Erika Lo - Exploring metabolic reprogramming and neutrophil enrichment in the context of glioblastoma (with Prof Steve Pollard, University of Edinburgh)
  • Natalie Peckett - Defining the function of TGF-B signalling in colorectal cancer metastasis (with Dr Kevin Myant, University of Edinburgh)
  • Craig Smith - Developing and validating risk prediction and prognostic tools for head and neck cancer (with Prof David Conway, University of Glasgow)
  • Edward Esiri Bloom - Integrated approach to developing new treatments for ovarian cancer (with Prof Colin Semple, University of Edinburgh)
  • Nikolai Gajic - Targeting apoptosis to prevent childhood ALL relapse in the central nervous system (with Prof Chris Halsey, University of Glasgow)
  • Julia Lee - Defining neutrophil functions in glioblastoma multiforme (with Prof Sarah Walmsley, University of Edinburgh)


  • Sarah Derby - with Dr Ross Carruthers, University of Glasgow
  • Alasdair Duguid - with Prof Katrin Ottersbach, University of Edinburgh
  • Ailsa Oswald (AZ funded) - with Prof Charlie Gourley, University of Edinburgh
  • Rhona Hurley - project tbc
  • Narthana Ilenkovan - with Prof Owen Sansom, CRUK Beatson Institute, Glasgow
  • Alistair McLaren - with Dr Coolin Steele, CRUK Beatson Institute, Glasgow
  • Christopher Mullen - project tbc
  • Adam Peters - project tbc
  • Irina Earnshaw - project tbc