20th March 2019

The Beatson Institute would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr Crispin Miller, who has just started as our Head of Bioinformatics. Crispin joins us from Manchester, where he was senior group leader of the RNA Biology group at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute.

Crispin's research is focused on how gene expression is regulated within cells, and how these regulatory systems are altered in cancer. This has led to a long-term interest in noncoding RNAs, and their role in the cellular response to changing oxygen levels. Crispin’s background was originally in Computer Science and AI. His programme is centred on the use of computational techniques to explore high volumes of genomics data, and to use these approaches to identify patterns that help better understand the changes that drive tumour progression.
 Miller C Mar 2019
Crispin has said 'It’s been fantastic to move to Glasgow and to join the Beatson Institute. We’re already starting building new multidisciplinary collaborations and it’s a wonderfully stimulating environment to become a part of.